Exposure 17: Notions of the Groteque

Exposure 17: Notions of the Grotesque is a group exhibition featuring artists who live and work in the St. Louis metropolitan area. The exposure series first started in the late 1990’s by the St. Louis Gallery Association and was held at Hunt Gallery on the Webster University campus. Gallery 210 gained ownership of the series in 2005 with Exposure 8. We are proud to continue the series with work by Travis Lawrence, Heather O’Shaughnessy,and Edo Rosenblith.
The grotesque is absurd, bizarre, and odd or unnatural in appearance and character. In decorative art, Grotesque involves the inclusion of unusual human and animal figures interwoven in other forms. Such ideology of the grotesque is a more than fitting characteristic that can be used to describe the work by O’Shaughnessy, Lawrence, and Rosenblith.
O’Shaughnessy is an outstanding self-taught artist who brings forth her beeswax sculptural pieces that are modeled after Italian anatomical sculptors. Reinventing the little known process of casting with beeswax, just as 17th century Italian anatomical sculptors had, she creates images inspired not only by the human anatomy, but resembles imagery reflected from her experience as a professional tattoo artist. Lawrence is a master printmaker who obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and works for Evil Prints in St. Louis. Gaining inspiration from 15th century illuminated manuscripts and Jungian psychology; he creates images of archetypal figures evoking deeper thought and individual interpretation. Rosenbilth is originally from Tel Aviv, Isreal and lived throughout the United States, including St. Louis, before setting in Rode Island where he obtained his Bachelors in Fine Art at Rhode Island School of Design. Rosenbilth is characteristically grotesque not for his admiration for previous art but for his fantastically distorted figures found throughout his drawings. His drawings reminisce early cartoon imagery and obscure caricature. Rosenbilth will also turn the gallery walls into a canvas of his own with a one of a kind wall painting that will remain in place throughout the duration of the exhibit.
Exposure 17 is scheduled to open August 23, 2014 and close October 11, 2014. A panel discussion and reception for the artists will be held September 6, 2014 between 4 and 7 that evening.

Because Gallery 210 building is closed for renovation we are taking our program outside the gallery walls with Ana Flores’ Poetry of the Wild/ Fusion.

Poetry of the Wild/ St Louis Fusion is a collaborative project created by Ana Flores, a Rhdoe Island based artist and visiting artist at Gallery 210. The project uses a unique presenta- tion of “ poetry boxes” combining art and poetry as a catalyst to explore our city and consider how spaces inform mindfulness. The voices and vision of the project come from local poets, art- ists and students who live here and take inspiration from their surroundings. The installations of the poetry boxes are scheduled to be completed by May 2, 2014 and remain in place through August 2, 2014.

Flores created the first Poetry of the Wild project in 2003 when she was an artist in resi- dence for the Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association in Southern Rhode Island. Her mission was to use the arts as a way to foster public awareness and stewardship of the land and water- ways protected by the Association. The successful template for that project which encouraged community engagement in the making of the boxes, response to site, and creating a walking trail has been repeated over the past decade throughout the East Coast in urban and rural areas. This is the first time the project has come to the Midwest.
The poetry boxes will be installed in the Central West End, Grand Center Art District, and on the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus. Poetry walks inaugurate each of the projects, with poets and artists present to read and talk about their collaborations. The first walk for Poetry of the Wild/St Louis Fusion will be on May 2nd, 2014 beginning with a reception at Centro Modern Furnishings at 6 pm followed by the walk to boxes in the area at 6:45pm. On May 3rd, 2014: A reception will be held for the boxes installed on the UMSL campus at 2:00pm at the Millennium Student Center, First Floor Patio. This will be followed by a poetry walk on campus to the various sites– both indoors and outside.

The St Louis based poet/artist collaborators are as follows: Poet Artist
Julia Gordon-Bramer Gina Alvarez and Robert Goetz
Jennifer Tapenden Ron Fondaw
Jane Birdsall-Lander Jane Birdsall Lander
Jennifer Fandel Phil Robinson
Matt Freeman Jennifer Goldring
Jennifer Tapenden Emily Hemeyer
Kathy Miller Melody Evans
Kim Lozano Buzz Spector
Treasure Redmond Shields Ana Flores
Marison Ramirez Steve Dalay
Richard Newman Joe Chesla
Jennifer Tapenden Greg Edmondson and Mike Behle
Jennifer Goldring Jennifer Goldring
Contributions from Lutheran North High School, instructor Mike Lorenz
Raul Moreno Michael Elwood and Mike Rice
Sarah Wallace Dezi Williams, Chad Bennett and Alicia Johnson
Sarah Wallace Michael Elwood and Anna Pagano
Allison Schmidt Michael Elwood and Mike Rice
Contributions from Central Visual and Performing Arts High School, instructor William Perry
Emily Dickinson Hannah Gurley, Erica Mitche and Lena Noel
TaNisha Tolbert TaNisha Tolbert and Kelly Sykes
Reanna Peterson Reanna Peterson and Taylor Bryant
For more information on the location of the boxes and walking trails contact
Gallery 210 at (314) 516-5976/ Office: (314) 516-5952: Director’s Office Fax: (314) 516-4997 Email: gallery@umsl.edu

The institutional partners for Poetry of the Wild/St Louis Fusion project include the Uni- versity of St. Louis, Gallery 210, College of Fine Arts and Communications, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Centro Modern Furnishings, Philip Slein Gallery, Left Bank Books, St. Louis Public Radio, St. Louis County Library-Mid County Branch, Grand Center Arts Academy, Cen- tral Visual and Performing Arts High School, and Lutheran High School North.