Howard Barry: INERTIA

Howard Barry: Inertia
September 14-December 9, 2019

Gallery 210 is pleased to present “Howard Barry: Inertia”. The exhibition features new work by area artist Howard Barry.His exhibition opens on September 14th at 4PM with an artist’stalk followed by a reception for the artist from 5PM to 7PM.

Howard Barry studio practice is not intentional political. His process, he states, is a kind of therapy for working through the social issues he experiences through the media and daily life. But the exhibition title, Inertia, carries meaning past the personal into the political. It is a judgment and condemnation of the failure of political courage, willful ignorance, and the abdication of our collective responsibility to the disenfranchised. Barry’s message is unambiguous; the progress of our country towards equality and justice for all has stalled, and in some instances, regressed. What can be done? Artists may promote social justice through their studio practice but can they really affect change? Cultural historian Jacques Barzun would say yes. He states: “From all these roles, uses, arguments and justification (of art) an undisputed truth emerges. Art is power. It influences the mind, the nerves, the feelings, the soul. It carries messages of hope, hostility, derision and moral rebuke. It can fight material and spiritual evils, and transmit the ideals or a community now living, long past or soon to be born. In a work, art is deemed universally important because if helps men to live and to remember. In saying that . . . we are saying that art is dangerous.”

This exhibition is part of a year-long series of programs supporting the UMSL Common Read. The purpose of the UMSL Common Read is:
• To spark a wide-ranging conversation about diversity and inclusion in our community and on our campus
• To provide a shared intellectual experience that connects students, faculty and staff to an important piece of literature
• To model for UMSL students the concept of multi-disciplinary, broad-based inquiry
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This exhibition is possible through the generous support of the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency, The College of Fine Arts and Communication and the Center for the Humanities at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

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