Simply Different: The Furniture of Peter Voss

Gallery 210 presents

Simply Different

The Furniture of Peter Voss

January 27, 2018

Artist lecture: 4pm-5pm

Artist reception: 5pm – 7pm


Gallery 210 is pleased to present “Simply Different: The Furniture of Peter Voss”. This exhibition is part of an ongoing series of programs organized by Gallery 210 that are dedicated to contemporary design in St. Louis. The exhibition opens Saturday, January 27, with a 4pm presentation by Mr. Voss in the Gallery 210 Auditorium. A reception for the artist follows immediately afterwards until 7pm.

“Simply Different: The Furniture of Peter Voss” features 35 pieces of furniture from his workshop in downtown St. Louis. Employing simple lines and restrained detailing he exploits the natural beauty of the wood and its imperfections allowing the material to be the focus of the design. A signature element of Voss’ work is his careful and tasteful incorporation of the knots, mineral stains, or other natural occurrences into the design of his furniture. He draws inspiration from great furniture builders of the past such as Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann, George Hepplewhite, Alvar Alto and George Nakashima. He also acknowledges influences on his deisgn from the Federal, Sheraton, Deco and Mid-Century Modern periods.

In the exhibition publication Laura Johnson, R.A. of Johnson Architectural Services writes: The wood he selects is unique enough that it is purchased and brought back to his studio without yet knowing what it will become. Peter will contemplate how best to showcase a particular “stand out” piece of wood until the right design finally comes to him.

 Peter grew up in a small South Dakota town in the 1950s. His earliest influences were his mother, Irmgard Voss, a ceramics artist, and his older cousin, Bernhard Voss, who emigrated from Germany to stay with his uncle’s family and work as a cabinetmaker. During college Peter became acquainted with master woodworker, William Tombrink III and worked at the Artichoke Table, a small woodshop in Webster Groves. After graduating form St. Louis University, he joined his family to form “Good Stuff”, a contemporary furniture retailer in of Webster Groves. For a decade Peter worked in the custom woodshop and traveled,nationally and internationally, to furniture shows and factories. It was during this time he begins his furniture-design career. Prior to retiring he worked for Peterson Group selling the latest, high-design commercial furniture for healthcare and government uses. Peter can usually be found in his downtown St. Louis workshop designing new pieces and working on n commissions.

When asked to talk about his approach to design and furniture building Peter states,

Keep it simple, build it to last, and let nature provide the beauty.

 A reception for the exhibition “Simply Different: The Furniture of Peter Voss” will be held Saturday, January 27, 2018 with a slide lecture by the artist starting at 4pm. A reception for the artist follows from 5 to 7pm.

This exhibition is made possible through the generous support of the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency, The College of Arts and Sciences and the Center for the Humanities at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.Gallery 210 is on the University of Missouri-St. Louis at 44 Arnold Gorman Drive between the North UM-St. Louis Metro Station and the Touhill Performing Arts Center. The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The gallery phone number is (314) 516-5976.

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Image citations

Peter Voss                                                                                                                                 Martini Time                       2015                                                                                                     Cherry, curly birch and ash with lacquer finish                                                                            31” height x 70” length, x 15”wide.

Photography by Matt Harrer