Maggie Meiners: Revisiting Rockwell

Maggie Meiners: Revisiting Rockwell

Curator’s Statement

The photographs in Maggie Meiners’s exhibition Revisiting Rockwell stand in sharp relief to the sepia-toned vision of America as illustrated by Norman Rockwell.  Ms. Meiners’s beautifully staged photographs retain the humor and humanity that characterizes Rockwell’s paintings, but shifts these iconic images from wistful nostalgia to contemporary relevance.

Terry Suhre, Director, Gallery 210, UMSL, September 2020

Revisiting Rockwell

As a child, I was always intrigued by Norman Rockwell’s prolific cover illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post, a newspaper he considered to be “the greatest show window in America.” His paintings capture his observations of early to mid-20 th -century life in America. While the general, and often humorous, stories told by his paintings—from a child who is sent to the principal’s office, to an exalted war hero and the anticipation of a Thanksgiving meal—remain as American as ever. It was recently discovered that Rockwell produced his paintings from staged photographs either shot by him or shot by an assistant; the photograph was a template for the final product. With this revelation, I am exploring Rockwell’s work where the photograph is the final product. My project, Revisiting Rockwell, attempts to contemporize Rockwell’s original works by weaving into each photograph the social issues and elements more suggestive of today. I am examining whether the nostalgia of Rockwell’s work translates into our rapidly changing lifestyles, and if his very human tableaux can reflect this moment in time. I am drawn to Rockwell’s work because I have always had a fascination with the past and end up having a better understanding of the world if I look at the old in the context of the new. As I continue to examine Rockwell’s work, I have noticed, for better or worse, that while the sociological landscape has changed in many ways, there is much that remains the same.

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This exhibition is made possible by the Missouri Arts Council and the College of Arts and Sciences at UMSL.

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